It's no secret, Rob and I love food and we also like to try different types of food. We also like to try "new" flavors of things and "taste-test" them for you so you don't have to take a risk and not like it. About a month ago, we tried the new Blueberry Pie Oreos and let you know our thoughts on it in this video.

This week, we went from sweet to salty because we tried new chip flavors. Lay's currently has these "Passport to Flavor" chips which are flavors from different countries. They currently have four flavors:

  1. Chinese Szechuan Chicken
  2. Brazilian Picana (we still haven't figured out how to pronounce this one)
  3. Greek Tzatziki
  4. Indian Tikka Masala

Rob and I tried the first two only because that's all my coupon was good for.

In the end, we both thought the Brazilian Picana was tastier. Personally, I was disappointed that the Chinese Szechuan Chicken didn't taste anything like I expected it to. Skip the chips and go to an actual Chinese restaurant instead. As far as the Brazilian one, obviously I suggest going to an actual Brazilian steakhouse to get the real thing, but if you're like me and can't afford to go to one... I guess the chips will do.

Check out our awesome video above and hopefully next time I'll have another coupon so we can try the other two flavors.