This past week I saw a post on my favorite coney dog place One Stop Coney.

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They we're promoting a deal they had that day for $2 Flint Coney Dogs.

Credit: One Stop Coney via Facebook
Credit: One Stop Coney via Facebook

As I lover all things glizzy related I embarrassed to admit while I've heard of a Flint coney dog I had no clue what actually came on it, or what made it different from my favorite Detroit coney dogs.

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Credit: Big Joe Pesh
Credit: Big Joe Pesh

What's The Difference Between These Two Michigan Dogs

Detroit vs Flint Coney Dog
Credit: Canva / One Stop Coney via Facebook

After doing the painstaking research I have some answers for anyone else that has ever wondered what is the difference between a Detroit Coney and a Flint Coney.

The main difference between a Detroit-style coney and a Flint-style coney is the sauce or chili topping used on the hot dog.

Detroit-style coney sauce:

  • Has a soupy, loose texture almost like a thin chili
  • Contains beef heart along with ground beef, giving it a distinctive meaty flavor
  • Is spiced with a blend of spices like cumin, celery seed, and chili powder
  • Has a more liquid, juicy consistency

Flint-style coney sauce:

  • Has a drier, meatier texture, almost like a loose meat or sloppy joe consistency
  • Is made with regular ground beef, without beef heart
  • Has a thicker, drier consistency compared to the Detroit sauce

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Both styles use natural casing hot dogs like Koegel's from Flint, and are typically topped with mustard and onions in addition to the sauce

After having both I'm team Detroit-style.

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