Michigan has several food and drinks that all Michiganders love.

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Some of those are Faygo, Vernors, Detroit Coney Dog's and Better Made potato chips.

But one of the best and most iconic has to be Sanders Bumpy Cake.


The Original Sanders Bumpy Cake was created back in 1913.

Chocolate Fudge Bumpy Cake is made with rich Devil's food cake and topped with rich buttercream bumps and then covered in delicious fudge icing.

The cake is 8"x8" and serves 8-10 people, But don't judge me if I enjoy an entire one to myself.

Sanders Bumpy Cake, the beloved Michigan treat, is making a triumphant return to store shelves in the coming weeks.

This announcement comes as a relief to fans like myself who have been craving the dessert since production was halted last year due to the closure of Awrey Bakery in Livonia.

Vic Mehren, the CEO of Sanders' parent company Second Nature Brands, shared the exciting news in a statement on Thursday.

After months of diligent efforts, Mehren revealed that Sanders has secured new partners who meet their stringent quality standards and can faithfully recreate the signature Bumpy Cake taste that Michiganders have cherished for generations.

Once production is fully resumed, chocolate, vanilla buttercream, and carrot cake varieties will be available at nearly all the locations where they were previously sold, including Sanders stores, select Michigan retailers, and online at SandersCandy.com.

The original chocolate flavor will be offered in traditional, mini, and party sizes.

With the return of the Bumpy Cake, summer can official begin in Michigan.

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