Driving in the snow sucks.  And it sucks even more when people don't take the correct precautions when driving in bad weather.  So we asked our listeners to send in their snowy driving tips to help everyone be better drivers in the winter.

  • Four wheel drive does not mean four wheel stop!
  • Don’t pull out in front of drivers especially when there’s no other cars behind you!
  • Ignore the salt trucks that ride your bumper.
  • Put wipers up when you park so they don't freeze to windshield while at work.
  • Don't pull in front of semi's before traffic lights because they need the extra space to stop.
  • Keep windshield wiper fluid filled.
  • Get snow tires
  • Clean off your car. If you can't see us, then chances are you will cause an accident!
  • Make sure your lights are on.
  • Have the full "Michigan Winter Survival Kit" in your car just in case you get stuck or see people stuck and in trouble.  Have a bag full of blankets, scarves and extra clothes. Industrial salt and snow shovel in case your tires get stuck.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.
    Get the frog over when the lane next to you is open and people are trying to merge into your lane!
    When you slide take your foot off the gas and brake and steer where you are headed.
  • Don’t use your cruise control during snowy or icy conditions. Your car will end up going faster than you set the cruise to because the wheels are spinning faster putting you in danger.
  • Stop at the flippin stop signs.
  • Clean off the top of your car!
  • Don't text and drive!
  • Stay home
  • Drive defensive not aggressive - get there safe
  • Use your blinker
  • No room for pride on the road
  • I slow down 5 miles an hour for every car I see in the ditch
  • When you are sliding on black ice don't slam on your brakes straighten your wheel and pump your brakes.
  • Four wheel drive does not mean four wheel stop!
  • Don't rush brushing off your car. Be sure to get your tail lights and headlights as well as your rearview mirrors
  • Not necessarily a winter specific tip but you see it more in the winter. You cannot block driveways and intersections! Even if your light is green if your car won't fit on the other side of the light because traffic is stopped, you STOP before you go into the intersection and you wait until you can get thru

Thank you everyone who texted or called in with your tips!  If you don't see your tip, it's because it was probably a very popular one and we removed duplicates.

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