Today would have been Connie's birthday, so we played old clips all day on the show, including this very special Daddy Tips segment. Connie passed away earlier this year from cancer and we know that this was one of her favorite Daddy Tips of all time. So, sit back and enjoy a very special Rewind of Steve's Daddy Tips!

  1. Today’s first tip has to do with how a baby sleeps and it’s to help new parents from freaking out if it happens. Because when it happened to me and Britt it definitely freaked us out. We were going to sleep and Britt went to check on Charlotte. She came back into the room with a horrified look on her face and said: “When I went in there, Charlotte’s eyes were wide open and she was staring at me and she was asleep!” We instantly thought of all of the scary movies we’ve seen over the years and decided that the house was haunted and the ghost had gotten to Charlotte. We both actually had trouble sleeping that night because of it. But after a quick google search in the morning we discovered that’s it’s perfectly normal and we don’t have to worry about a poltergeist.
  2. The next tip is about toys for your baby. When you little cutie pie gets to be about 6 months old, she will be a lot more engaged when playing with toys, but you don’t need to go out and buy brand new ones. We got a ton of toys from our baby shower and she likes a bunch of them, but what she likes, even more, is the box we store them in. In fact, she seems to like everything else more than her toys. She prefers playing with plastic cups instead of rattles and she loves plastic bowls more than all of her teething toys. So just be aware that you don’t need to buy top of the line toys when your baby is so young because they’ll probably prefer playing with the packaging rather than the toys.
  3. The final tip is about everyone’s favorite thing to hear, baby noises! As you little bundle of joy grows from a newborn to a toddler, they’ll continually learn how to make new noises. Charlotte started by making noises right after she was born and she keeps making new and different ones every few weeks.  And now she is into screaming for no reason phase. At first, we were a bit concerned that she may have hurt herself, but no. She just loves to randomly scream now. We went out for ice cream last night and as soon as we sat down with our deserts, she starts screaming while everyone looks at us like we are weirdos. So, just embrace their new noise and scream along with them!

And now it’s time for an awesome dad joke!

Q: Do you want to hear a joke about paper?
A: No? OK, good, because it’s tearable.

Listen to the entire segment below:

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