Monday, Spartanburg, SC Police Officer Cody Garrett was on duty when a call came in that someone had heard an animal under a dumpster crying.  So police responded and found an abandoned kitten, so they brought her back to the station.  When Officer Garrett returned to the station he offered to give the kitten a forever home, because another cat he rescued was nursing kittens

“Another officer had found her in the rain under a trash dumpster and brought her into the department,” Spartanburg cop Cody Garrett, told ABC News. “I offered to take her because I have another rescue at home who is currently nursing her four kittens.”

and he posted this Instagram photo of his new little buddy:

Since he posted this picture, he's been flooded with marriage proposals!  Not just one, but women all over the country now want to marry officer Garrett.  While he's flattered by all the attention, he's currently in a long-term relationship. I'm also guessing most of the women are just hoping the kitten, which he named 'Squirt' comes along too.

Officer Garrett may have just found the magic combo for Tinder profiles... just pose with a kitten.