Coming home and thinking a stranger is inside your house is terrifying, and cops were expecting to find a robber when they responded to a burglary call at a woman's home in Oregon. Instead they found something completely different.

Q13 FOX reports that the woman called 911 after coming home and hearing what she thought was a burglar in the bathroom. She told the dispatcher she could see his shadow from beneath the door.

When cops arrived with their K9 Unit they too could hear "rustling" coming from the bathroom so they told the intruder to come out. When he didn't they entered with their guns drawn only to find that their suspect was actually a Roomba. Yes, the robotic vacuum cleaner.

It's hard not to laugh out loud to this story but what makes it even better is that cops still posted a mugshot of the criminal.

Hey, on the bright side at least there was no bad guy and now the woman has a clean bathroom.

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