If you want to solidify your relationship even more with your significant other and make it stronger just throw back some shots and drink the night away!

A study, conducted by the University of Michigan, of almost 3,000 married U.S. couples 50 and older

...found that couples with similar drinking habits are happier than those with only one partner who drinks."

The study also found that it wasn't the amount that the couple drank but rather if both partners were on the same page when it came to drinking. For example, over half of wives were disappointed when their husbands didn't drink with them.

So why does drinking make for a happier marriage? Researchers say it's probably because these couples are enjoying a leisure activity together.

Obviously, though, if you're a raging alcoholic that will do nothing to improve your relationship but rather ruin it. So no one is saying go get wasted everyday to have a happier marriage, but don't be afraid to go out and get a little tipsy with your loved one.

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