Do you remember when you lost your teeth as a kid? Did they just fall out the old-fashioned, boring way or did you attempt the classic door handle trick? Something I would never do by the way LOL. But I did lose a tooth eating a dorito. However you lost your tooth though, I bet it wasn't as cool as this 11-year-old girl who pulled out hers out with a crossbow, and her parents caught it all on tape!

Basically, the girl had a string tied to her tooth which was attached to the crossbow and you can see the whole action in slow-mo. It totally looks painful, a little cringeworthy but the brave little girl was all smiles and thumbs-up once that sucker came out. Not to mention she hit the cardboard target! That alone deserves money from the tooth fairy.

You can watch the video below

What interesting way did you lose your tooth as a kid? OR how did your kid(s) lose their tooth/teeth?