We love clever people, and this dad takes the cake. If you have had children you know the crazy things you have to tell them not to do or to stop doing, this particular dad can relate and has created a book with all the crazy things he has had to say to his kids.

Video producer and graphic designer Nathan Ripperger has been posting crazy things he has had to say to his kids for years and since they have become soo popular he decided to make a book with all of them.

The book consists of illustrations of 80 of the weirdest things he’s ended up saying to his kids over the years.

Here are some of our favorites:
-I'm not talking to you until you put underwear on
-Please put it down the asparagus is not a weapon
-We do not poop in books
-Honey please don't lick the toaster


For more hilarious sayings and more on the story, including where you can buy the book click the link below: