The singing dads in this video have clearly each raised at least one 'The Little Mermaid' fan. Otherwise, how would all the words to the  movie's classic song 'Part of Your World' come so easily to them?

Being a father means you're going to end up seeing a lot of movies you wouldn't otherwise put on your Netflix queue. And if your kid takes a shine to a particular film, you're definitely going to see it more than once! It takes a special dad to turn those repeat viewings into a something cheerful and constructive. In this case, firefighters, cops, Marines, doctors, barbers, and construction workers all do their best to belt out the lyrics to Ariel's theme song. The whole thing's a promo for Life of Dad, which is a new social media site for fathers.

Not only is the video charming, but it goes out of its way to establish that the singing dads actually have day jobs, which is a nice touch (it's not like the freeloading Ariel could say the same).