Lisa & Sean from Amway Catering [Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media][/caption]Dessert Wars is Monday at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel so obviously we had Amway Catering come in to talk about their dessert for the event.

Lisa, whom is the lead baker, and Sean, the assistant pastry chef, came in to talk about what they do at the Amway. They make all the desserts for the restaurants inside the hotel, including Cygnus 27, GP Sports and Wolfgang Puck. They keep the menus fresh by rotating desserts every few months or so, which requires a lot of creativity coming up with different desserts.


Salted Chocolate Cherry Caramel Opera [Sean Newhouse/Amway][/caption]Lisa was definitely creative when she came up with the Salted Chocolate Cherry Caramel Opera. This isn't a dessert you can find on the menu, currently. Lisa specifically created this for Dessert Wars. Opera is described as thin layer of cake and it is as good as it looks! It's made with chocolate and salted caramel which gives it the perfect balance between sweet and salty, without one flavor overpowering the other. A homemade cherry jam is carefully spread on top of the cake and a piece of white chocolate is added on top. And yes, that is a 24-carat gold flake! Just to add an extra shine to the dessert!


Salted Chocolate Cherry Caramel Opera [Sean Newhouse/Amway][/caption] 

Surrounding the cake is caramel and chocolate to dip a piece of the cake because who doesn't want more chocolate and caramel?! And the piece of chocolate is a dulce de leche truffle. This cake is unlike any other as far as taste goes. Although, this is not on the menu, it will most likely be added to Cygnus 27's brunch menu.


Lisa & Sean from Amway Catering [Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media][/caption]If you're looking for their signature dessert, you can find it at Cygnus 27 and its the Chocolate Sphere which according to the menu is described as:

vanilla bean, toffee, bavarian semifreddo, almond frangipane, encapsulated in chocolate and imploded tableside

Sean says it's definitely worth checking out Cygnus 27 just for the experience of the Chocolate Sphere.

For more information about Amway Catering you can visit the website here.

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