Move over "Florida Man", we got a brand new crazy news story and it's starring "Detroit Man".  Last Wednesday, Antonio Silva posted a photo of the front of his house on his Facebook page, but something was missing.  His front porch.

The photo quickly went viral and now people are asking a lot of questions.  The Facebook post simply said, "Someone stole my f@#$%ng porch, I opened my door An FELL u can't have s#$t in Detroit."  How did someone remove an entire concrete porch in the middle of the night and not wake up Antonio?  Who would want to steal a porch?  Was it an actual theft, or just a prank?  These are questions we have, but will probably never get the answers to.

Detroit is known for its weird theft problems.  Most recently, Detroit had to change its scrap metal theft laws because of so many homes and businesses being stripped of metal to be resold.  There have been several stories of bleachers being stolen from schools and parks in order to be sold for cash.

Scrap metal theft at least makes sense because you can sell it.  But stealing concrete?  What's the point?  The MetroTimes posted the story, and hopefully, they will do a follow-up and see whether this story is true or just a prank post that is meant to go viral.

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