Say goodbye to the phrase, "Fighting Like cats and dogs" and hello to the new mantra…"Fighting like Kidd and Kellie"

Listeners always say the two are like a married couple as much as they bicker. But we all know they're NOT ALONE. Is your relationship defined by constant bickering and squabbling? For once, it could pay off!
We're looking for the couple that never agrees to disagree. The couple that believes that EVERYTHING is worth fighting over. Tell us about your relationship….how often you fight, and the dumbest things you have fought about. And then tell us why it's all NOT your fault!

Couples will be auditioned on and off the air, and the winning couple will have a chance to win one of two amazing vacations! Good luck and remember the first rule of the "We Fight More Than Kidd and Kellie" contest.... NEVER mention the "We Fight More Than Kidd and Kellie" contest.