Who needs pajamas when you have your birthday suit?

According to a poll, from the National Sleep Foundation, only 12% of people sleep naked but researchers recommend that more people start doing this. It may sound weird to some but it's actually really good for you, and for a number of reasons!

For starters, you'll sleep better because your body temperature is regulated and you won't wake up in the middle of the night. As someone who sweats in their sleep (sorry, TMI) this is great news for me because there's nothing worse than waking up from your sleep drenched in sweat and your shirt is stuck to you.

Staying cool through the night has also been found to increase your metabolism."

Which in turn helps you burn calories while you sleep.

In addition, for women, sleeping in the nude helps prevent bacterial infections (i.e. yeast infection) in the nether region. While for men, it increases sperm count.

BONUS: Sleeping naked makes you feel happier in your relationship because when couples sleep naked together and their skins touch it releases oxytocin aka the "love hormone."

...which brings couples together emotionally and increases trust within the relationship."

A British study even found that couples who go to bed naked are happier (57%) compared to those who wear pajamas (48%).

So again... who needs pajamas? GO NUDE!

SOURCE: The Daily Mail