Don't forget that Father's Day is this Sunday!  Apparently some dad's are already feeling a little left out this year.

According to Sacramento Bee, 40% of men and nearly the same amount of women (36%) feel that this special occassion to honor our dad's doesn't quite get the attention it deserves!

I'm not sure if the following wish list has anything to do with it, but in the same survey, 41% of dads said that they'd like to get a new car on Father's Day and another 15% opted for a boat or yacht!

Thankfully, both my mom and dad are happy when I send a card and pick up the phone and call them on their respective special day!  

So, how much do you plan on spending on dad this year?  I have some scoop about the average dollar amount kids are spending. 

According to the the National Retail Federation the average gift total for dad is around $106 and is up 13% from last year!  

Have a fantastic weekend spoiling your dad with all of his favorite things -- including spending time with you!