If you believe in the whole astrology thing, maybe you'll hear this and say DUH.  But now there's some actual science behind it.  According to a new study, the season you were born might determine certain things about your PERSONALITY.

It doesn't have to do with how the stars line up though.  It has to do with a BUNCH of different factors, like how much sun your mom got while she was pregnant, or how active she was.

For example, if you were born in the fall, your mom was pregnant during the spring and summer.  So she probably spent more time outdoors, and got more exercise.  And apparently stuff like that can have a lasting effect.

Specifically, researchers found that the season you were born in can affect how likely you are to be MOODY or DEPRESSED.  Here's what they found for each season.

People born in SPRING or SUMMER tend to be extremely POSITIVE.  But people born in the summer are also more likely to have mood swings.

People born during the FALL are less likely to be prone to depression.  In fact, people born in October are the LEAST likely to get depressed.

And people born in WINTER are more likely to be IRRITABLE than people born in spring, summer, or fall.


(Yahoo / EurekAlert.com)