Not ready for kids? Well, there's something you can do.

In this hilarious (and somewhat NSFW for language) video from College Humor, a young couple not ready for children discovers they will instead be welcoming a different bundle of joy: a dog, or what their doctor refers to as "a practice baby."

Yes, dogs and babies are similar in some ways. You can't forget to feed them, you have to be ready to clean up when they unexpectedly go to the bathroom and you quickly learn that they will turn your house upside down no matter how much you clean up. And, dogs, like babies, can get into trouble.

Having a dog is a dry run for the responsibilities of having an actual human being in your house without worrying your parenting style may ruin its self-esteem and send it to therapy for years to come to grips with how you mucked it up. That, and they'll play fetch. Good luck telling a baby to get your slippers.

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