After the Dorr Business Association canceled its Fourth of July parade and fireworks on Thursday, July 2, residents carried on to make sure that a celebration still happened two days later.

Fox 17 reports the decision to cancel came after the association received paperwork from the attorney general's office stating they could be fined if the events weren't in compliance with executive orders, including less than 100 people at an event.

Two days prior to the cancellation, the Dorr Township Board posted to Facebook that they did not endorse large gatherings, per Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order.

Dorr resident, Naomi Younglove, told Fox 17,

"When the parade got cancelled, we were bummed. This is our way of celebrating our nation and our freedom. It's nothing political, it's just what we do every year."

The parade occurred Saturday morning, after citizens from Dorr and surrounding communities continued on after the business association stepped aside.

According to Fox 17,

Hundreds of people decorated their vehicles, dirk bikes, semis and even horses and drove by a very welcoming crowd.

A Facebook event titled "Dorr- 4th of July Parade- Restoring Freedom" encouraged residents to meet up at the American Legion Dorr Post 127 "for an impromptu Restore Freedom Initiative 4th of July Parade!"

The event, in which almost 400 people were interested and 164 marked themselves as attending, listed a parade route and the following description:

We just heard the news that the Governor’s COVID-19 response has officially ruined the 4th of July Festivities for Dorr, MI

Many events were planned, but now business owners that sponsored the event have been threatened with tickets and other consequences. We’re sick and tired of our Governor’s illegal and unconstitutional executive orders depriving us of our rights!

We will exercise our First Amendment rights to Free Speech and to Petition our Government for a Redress of Grievances.

Come out with your American signs & shirts!
Bring your friends and family, and sign the petition to restore freedom in Michigan with the Constitutional Amendment.

We are going to save our 4th of July Freedom celebrations,
Take back our State!
And Restore Freedom, once and for all!

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