By now it's common knowledge that your phones are spying on you.  Apps will listen to what you say, record your searches, and offer up advertisements that are creepily specific to you.

But the newest discovery is that some very popular apps on your iPhone are actually recording your every move.  That means that they are actually watching you use their app in real time.  Every tap, swipe, and even credit card number entered is recorded and sent to an analytics firm called Glassbox.  Glassbox will then send that information, screenshots, and app usage videos to the app's creator.

Techcrunch put together an article that looks into these apps and analytics firms that spy on you and they discovered that many of these apps don't even ask permission to track your moves and sell your data.  In the article, Techcrunch identifies some extremely popular apps who are tracking your every move: Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Singapore Airlines.

The article goes on to detail an egregious breach of security with the Air Canada app. The Air Canada app takes screenshots of your credit card information and makes it available for hundreds of different employees to view.  A breach of Air Canada's security caused screenshots of credit card information of 20,000 users to be stolen.

The scariest thing is that most of these companies don't even mention they are capturing information from you in their terms of service.  Well, that is until Techcrunch published their article.  Now, a couple of the apps tell you what they are doing.