The other day I went to get coffee at Starbucks and something happened that has me wondering “was I petty?”

It was Friday afternoon and it was a long line in the drive-thru but I figured since I didn’t have anywhere to be it was worth the wait. Finally, I make it to the speaker to place my order. And I tell the voice behind the speaker “I’d like a Grande Skinny Blonde Vanilla Late and add caramel drizzle.” 

Then the voice responds back with “that’s not very skinny of you” and it was full of sass. I was a little taken aback by what he just said so all I could come back with was “ew judge-y.”  

Funny thing is I don't even get my coffee skinny because of weight but it's because anything with more than 1% milk starts to mess with my stomach.

Then the moment came where I pulled up to the window to get my coffee, with a side of attitude. The voice, which now had a face, fake apologized for his commentary and said “I just find it hilarious when people order a skinny coffee and ask for whipped cream.” He handed me my coffee and I said “well I didn’t get whipped cream I just wanted my drizzle.” Then I drove off. Without tipping.

Almost a week later and I’m still bothered because I’m someone who normally tips my barista and the coffee was still delicious. So here are my three questions:

  1. Am I overreacting?
  2. Is it petty?
  3. Would you have tipped?
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