For the price of a a few non-perishable food items or a new toy, you can become a race car driver. Kind of.

The MIS Cares Charity Track and Toy Drive is coming up this weekend at the two mile oval near Jackson. The event allows you five laps around the superspeedway in return for either some non-perishable food items or a new toy.

The food drive will benefit St. Mary's of Good Counsel's food bank in Adrian, the toys will go to the Marines Toys For Tots program.

There is a catch. You have to drive the speed limit of 70 mph. So you can't open up mom's SUV to "see what she can do."

Or can you? Maybe if no one's looking you can open it up on the back stretch.

“This is a perfect way to lift the spirits of those in need,” Michigan International Speedway President Rick Brenner said in a release. “It also gives our guests the rare opportunity to drive their own vehicle around the track that has been the site of many memorable moments in motorsports. We recognize that these are challenging times, and this event becomes even more paramount than ever before.”

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