If you are someone who frequents the U.P. add this to your list of "things to do" before the year comes to a close, especially if you're planning on visiting for the holidays.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority is reminding state residents that still have a MacPass card to upgrade it to a windshield sticker. After December 31st, toll cards will no longer be accepted as a form of payment. The MBA is stressing people don't wait until the last minute.

The MBA has been reminding account holders of the impending switch, but several have not yet upgraded to stickers.

Those who haven't made the switch yet should be reassured that whatever funds you have left on your card will be transferred over when you make the switch. Existing accounts will remain as is and a new one does not need to be purchased.

The sticker system was introduced in September of last year as part of the new toll system which automatically scans as you drive through. Stickers can be bought for $1 per vehicle you have on your MacPass account. The number of vehicles on one account is unlimited.

New accounts for a MacPass require an $80 deposit, a $7 admin fee, plus the $1 for each vehicle. Log in to your account or start a new one here.

Other than cash or credit, MacPass is the only accepted form of payment when crossing the Mackinac Bridge. Other "tolling transponders" such as E-ZPass is not accepted. According to MBA, Apple Pay and Google Pay are also allowed.

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