The more stories like this I read, the more I think that people should have to pass some sort of class in order to become parents. And seriously, what's the deal with all of the drunk, pregnant mom stories lately? This mom, from Houston, may take the prize for the most stupidity.

Stephanie Irene Santana, 20, was charged Wednesday with driving while intoxicated and endangering a child. Her car was parked outside of a tattoo shop in Houston, with the engine running, one-year-old daughter in the backseat, and Santana sleeping in the driver's seat.

Why was she at the tattoo shop? Well, according to a witness, the woman had gone into the shop to get a piercing, but had been refused service because she appeared to be drunk. When she returned to the car, witnesses noticed that there was a child in the vehicle and that Santana had left her in there unattended while she went into the shop.

Police found beer bottles and what appeared to be Xanax in the car.

State Child Protective Services were called to the scene for the baby.