Ladies, do you find it hard to figure out those tablets that men seem to use with ease? Well, don't fret! A Middle Eastern company has developed a tablet made just for us and our feeble minds! It's called the ePad Femme and it makes me want to punch the people who created it right in the face.

The ePad Femme is a sleek little 8-inch number that comes pre-loaded with a pink background (because, you know, pink it every woman's favorite color), and several apps (because downloading apps is hard) that will help us out with yoga, grocery shopping, weight loss, and cooking. Well, what else could a table specifically made for women need?!? Nothing, that's what. I mean, having a vagina immediately makes us uninterested in anything that isn't related to child-rearing, housework, pleasing our husbands, weight loss and shopping... (Have you picked up on my extreme sarcasm yet? This is the worst product in the world.)

The ePad Femme is wifi accessible and has a bunch of other features that involve numbers, but I don't try to think about those because numbers hurt my feeble female brain.

The ePad Femme is going for about $190, and EUROSTAR, the company who produces it, has only sold about 7,000 of them.

I think I'll go ahead and go with a non-gender-specific non-sexist tablet, thanks. I'm about as likely to get this thing as I was to get that stupid Japanese laptop made just for the ladies. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a woman with a small brain.