As a woman, I sometimes appreciate when companies develop products just for my gender. I like having deodorant that doesn't smell like a dude, I appreciate razors that are developed for the shape of women's legs. But there are some things in life that don't necessarily need to be produced with a particular sex in mind; like laptops. That didn't stop Fujitsu, a Japanese electronics company, from developing what may be the world's most sexist piece of electronic equipment.

The Floral Kiss laptop includes such features as a power button with a pearl-like accent, a latch that can be used without messing up your manicure, floral designs on the outtake and intake fans, and a bedazzled caps lock key. Oh boy! Just what I always wanted! A jewel-encrusted laptop! Not really.

The company also offers the computer in a variety of female-friendly colors like Elegant White, Feminine Pink, and Luxury Brown. You know, in case the standard gray or black that normal laptops are doesn't work for you.

The appearance isn't the only sexist thing about the Floral Kiss, however. Oh no, they went above and beyond. The computer comes with a standard set of programs including one for scrapbooking, a diary application, and a program that provides you with your daily horoscope! You know, those silly, frivolous things that only women are in to.

The computer won't be available until the end of November, and the website doesn't feature any prices. The company has been getting a lot of flack on their Facebook page, but I don't think that that will stop them from moving forward with this product.

This is great! I mean, I've been looking for a suitable replacement for my vulva pink Sony laptop for a while. The Floral Kiss seems like the perfect machine for me to use while I'm barefoot in the kitchen cooking dinner for my non-existent husband and brood of children (boys only, because, you know, they're the best).