In a study that could been concluded by just asking me, researchers have found that states have legalized pot also see an increase in junk food sale.

While most people think marijuana is a harmless narcotic, economic researcher Alberto Chong (an appropriate name for someone who studies weed if there ever was one) wants you to know, it's not the drug, but the side effects which may cause some issues, like, say, weight gain.

“You think marijuana does no harm — that’s pretty much the consensus today, but there are unintended consequences, and one of them is the fact that you really get very hungry and you start eating crap."

After smoking, Chong said, “You’re like, ‘I’m really hungry now’ … It’s what people always say, it’s what people always think, but this actually proves that.”

No doubt! As this scene form the stone classic 'Half Baked illustrates. But in their defense, he does also ask for celery,

Chong, and co-researchers Michele Baggio say the time honored stereotype of the stoner searching out munchies is real. In states like Michigan where recreational marijuana sales are legal, sales of snack food rise 6.3%.

While the jokes here are obvious, Chong and Baggio note that at a time when 40% of Americans are obese, the long term effects of overt snacking may not bode well.







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