If you've ever been out to eat for hibachi then you know that you're not only paying for the food, but also, the experience. The chefs who are making your food in front of you do some cool tricks like the onion volcano, or juggling the eggs and throwing it in their hat. Some restaurants I've been to they have a toy that squirts water at you. It's all funny and entertainment before you eat

One Tennessee woman, though, obviously didn't find the humor in this, specifically the toy, which is in the figure of a boy and squirts water when its "pants go down." According to News Channel 5 the woman filed a sexual assault complaint against the restaurant after the chef squirted water at her from the toy.

The woman's husband told an officer that the toy had a penis hence his wife's claims.

However, the officer found that the description wasn't totally accurate. "I observed the toy to have no penis and just a hole for the water to shoot out."

Clearly, this woman is ridiculous for overreacting and she deserves "dummy of the day" title because now the restaurant will be asking for people's permission before spritzing them. Yup, she's that person. The person who ruins the fun for everyone else.

You can watch the video above which includes an interview with the pissed off "victim" (pun intended). My favorite part of the interview is when she feels the need to clarify that a penis is a "wee wee."

So far a lawsuit hasn't been filed but the family is thinking about it.