How is that for a happy National Chocolate Day? This is the real deal.

Best news I've heard in weeks! With Halloween coming up on Friday, this is perfect timing to hear that eating chocolate will help your memory.

Scientists performed a study on healthy people between the ages of 50 and 69. They had them drink a mixture high in antioxidants called cocoa flavanols for three months. Turns out, they performed better on a memory test than those who drank a low-flavanol mixture.

Doctors said they performed like people two to three decades younger on the memory test mentioned above.

Not bad considering we all love chocolate. Doctors don't suggest going out and scarfing down a bunch of chocolate. Most of what you find in the store is so processed that it would do you more harm than good.

Product's like Mars' CocaoVia could actually help. Doctors also say that tea and apples could have a similar effect.