Ellie Goulding‘s new single ‘Anything Could Happen’ now has an official lyric video, thanks to more than 1,200 fans who sent in the Instagram photos that were pieced together to create the clip.

The images reveal the creativity of Goulding’s fan base. The pics range from sensitive shots like close-ups of flowers to silly images like people holding their breath underwater and bananas with faces drawn on them. One fan even created a homemade drawing of Goulding. That’s a smart way to ensure your pic makes it into the video!

The mid-tempo song is a bit more relaxed than Goulding’s last single, ‘Lights.’ She sings, “After the war we said we’d fight together / I guess we thought that’s just what humans do / Letting darkness grow as if we needed its palette and we need its color / But now I’ve seen it through and now I know the truth / That anything could happen.

“Ahhh was so nervous. Thanks for all the kind words,” Goulding tweeted after getting positive feedback on the lyric video from fans.

‘Anything Could Happen’ is the first single from Goulding’s next album ‘Halcyon,’ which arrives on Oct. 9. She shared snippets of some of the new music last week. Meanwhile, ‘Lights’ jumps three spots to reach a new peak of No. 2 this week.

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