If you happen to know how to Dougie, you really should pass the skill on to others. In fact, the lyrics of the Cali Swag District song ‘Teach Me How To Dougie,’ which helped launch the dance craze of the same name, practically demand that you do.

So US Gymnast McKayla Maroney was just more or less following directions when she demonstrated the Dougie to ‘Today‘ correspondent Jenna Bush.

As you will see, McKayla’s famously blasé attitude doesn’t extend to her dancing, which she performs with a moderate degree of enthusiasm. As for Bush, check out the video to see if she’s up to snuff.

The footage seems to have been shot by someone who was either in the back of, or trailing, the ‘Today’ show double decker bus. Hence it’s sort of difficult to hear what’s going on.

But there is no doubt Bush’s attempt at dancing really entertained the other members of the US women’s gymnastic team, who were also along for the ride.

Hmm, we wonder what kind of dancing the girls were doing during the notorious, secret London club night they enjoyed earlier in the week.

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