For roughly the past few years, a six-year-old boy named Isaak Lasson has had some major issues with his sinuses and found it very hard to sleep. Nobody has really been able to figure out what has been troubling Isaac and causing his sinus problems.

The doctors discovered that Isaak wanted to play hide and seek with a small LEGO steering piece that he shoved up his nose about three years ago. The boy forgot that it was up there and never told his parents about it. According to, Isaac's father told reporters, "We think he bent the LEGO piece in half... it's pretty flexible... and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses."

I can think of many worse things to shove up your nose, but anything for three years is insane. I'm surpised it did not cause permanent damage and wonder why a Lego ends up in a nose in the first place. Note to self: Teach my child to not shove things up her nose.

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