Live TV can be extremely embarrassing because it's LIVE and anything can go wrong. Makes me appreciate being on the radio where no one can see my face.

A reporter from Nashville was out on location, talking about the blizzard when her nose started dripping. You would think she would wipe her nose, but no, she just kept letting it drip. And drip it did. She keeps talking and the snot keeps going down her nose and down to her lips and then onto the microphone!

Of course, people couldn't let her go on with her day without saying something or making fun of her. Unfortunately, some people are just really cruel when they're hiding behind a computer. The reporter responded to the haters on her Twitter saying:

People are cruel. I guess that's a part of the biz. I did 8 liveshots in a snow storm, and was working really hard!!!

Yes, I'm sure you were working hard but wipe your nose!!

You can check out the video below.