A few days ago I was on the phone interviewing a candidate for a job opening when my chair slid out from underneath me  and I slammed to the floor.  On the way down, the phone slid up my face and my right arm caught the armrest on the chair, leaving nice scrapes and some bruising.

Best I can tell, the chair support legs were aligned just right, and I was far enough ahead on the seat that the laws of physics decided it times to teach a lesson.

Fortunately for my ego, my office door was shut and no one saw my embarrassing moment.

The same night, a co-worker was walking out of the building and stepped on his untied shoelace...and face-planted in the parking lot. Unfortunately for him, three drunk guys were walking near the GRAM and saw it all...and they laughed their drunk asses off.   My friend, however, was not so amused.

So...what's YOUR embarrassing tripping, dropping or falling moment?  Drop me an email and I'd love to share your stories on the radio.