Now that Emma Stone's won her very first Oscar for her role in La La Landit might be time to set her sights on a new distinction: Prom Queen.

Stone, who played the role of aspiring actor Mia in the critically acclaimed film, has found herself on the receiving end of a high school student's invitation to prom (or, a "promposal"). Seventeen-year-old high school junior Jacob Staudenmaier has officially requested Stone's company, and his method is sure to get her attention — he recreated the first scene of La La Land, set to "Another day of Sun."

”It started with the kind of crazy idea of saying, ‘Yeah, maybe I’ll go with Emma Stone to the prom,’” Staudenmaier told USA Today. “I decided if I was going to do this, I really needed to do it big.”

And he certainly did. He gathered a bunch of his friends to film the two-plus minute segment, a work that took hours to film and also includes reworked lyrics that are catered to Stone. The clip has already garnered thousands of likes on Facebook and Twitter.

Staudenmaier says he's yet to get a definitive answer. He remains hopeful, though.

“I haven’t heard anything specifically from her. I’ve heard a rumor and sort of a confirmed truth that her mom has seen it. I assume at some point it will get to her.”

So, what if everything goes according to plan, Stone sees the clip and calls?

“I guess I’ll just have to handle it on the fly,” Staudenmaier said. “Just roll with it and go with the flow.”

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