Euphoria’s highly anticipated second season gave fans everything they asked for — except the answers to a lot of questions.

In the HBO show’s widely watched Season 2 finale, some characters reached their limits, others got what they deserved and one of them… had a somewhat happy ending? In fact, the episode played like a series finale at times, with many agonizing storylines being resolved, for better or worse.

***Spoilers below!***

After Nate breaks up with her in the school hallway, Cassie follows through on her horror movie window-breathing moment by stage-crashing Lexi’s play and going after her sister. Maddy decides she’s had enough and storms the stage, finally unleashing on Cassie in a moment worthy of Jerry Springer, much to the crowd’s delight.

Meanwhile, Nate, who indirectly started the whole debacle by being the most toxic boyfriend, finally confronts his father Cal about his illegal sexcapades — and sends him to jail. And finally, Rue chooses herself, ending her relationship with Jules on a note of respect, forgiving Elliot (by enduring his never-ending song) and revealing that she stays clean for the rest of the school year.

However, because Euphoria is incapable of giving true closure, they had to leave some loose ends untied and scar us for life in the process.

Questions We Have After 'Euphoria' Season 2

Here are the biggest lingering questions we were left asking after the final episode of Euphoria Season 2. Spoilers below…

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