Zendaya went above and beyond for one Euphoria fan who met the actress while out to eat. The 23-year-old actress the fan FaceTime her favorite celebrity from Zendaya's phone: Zendaya's co-star Hunter Schafer!

Zendaya can be seen meeting a huge fan of the television show in a new viral video, Out first reported. The fan , who is transgender, revealed to the actress that her co-star, Schafer, was an inspiration to her.

“So Zendaya FaceTimed Hunter because the girl is trans and said Hunter was an inspiration to her through Euphoria and Zendaya wanted to connect the 2 of them so she could tell Hunter herself,” a fan tweeted along with the video.

The fan can be seen tearing up while asking both the person videotaping and the actresses if the call was real and not a dream.

“I’m so glad you came up to me,” Zendaya can be heard telling her.

”I’m so happy you called, I’m so happy to meet you,” Schafer exclaimed on FaceTime. After speaking to one another, Zendaya even took a photo of the fan holding the phone with Schafer on the screen.

Before leaving, Zendaya told her, “You have all of our love.” The video has since gone viral with fans praising Schafer and Zendaya for their kindness.

See the sweet interaction between the fan and actresses, below.

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