Today is National Guacamole Day. It’s also National Stepfamily Day. And an important day in history it’s Mexican Independence Day. But you know what today isn’t? It’s not “Facebook Marketplace is really effective and good to use day.”

It’s a great concept full of cheap people.

I have stuff I’ve been trying to sell for weeks and I’ve gotten no hits. And the people who have messaged me are trying to get my good quality items for next to nothing. A real wooden desk that was originally $600? NO I will not sell it to you for $50! A genuine leather Michael Kors purse that was over $300? NO I will not sell it to you for $20! You want my barely-worn boots that I’ve already discounted over $100 for another $100? NO that’s not how this works. And the one guy that was willing to pay for my boots also asked if he could massage my feet. NO you can’t touch my feet, you weirdo.... I'm not THAT desperate for money!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m not willing to negotiate but the people on Facebook basically want everything for nothing. It’s Facebook Marketplace, not Facebook FreeCrapItPlace. I’m sure you can find a separate group for that. Oh yea, it’s called Craigslist where you can find free furniture, clothes, or hookups. By the way, my hookup name on Craigslist is

Have you had success selling stuff online? Help a girl out if so!

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