What happened to Fish? What happened to Christine? These are questions we know we're going to get, so unlike how it's always done in the broadcast business, we want to be direct and answer your questions.

📷 TSM Grand Rapids

Earlier this year, when I arrived at Mix 95.7, I was not only brought in to hang out with you weekday afternoons, I was tasked with running one of the top stations in West Michigan.

I was excited to work with both Fish & Christine and have been lucky enough to do so for the last six months. Unfortunately, when I got here, despite their fantastic success in West Michigan, Fish & Christine were both upfront in their desire to move on from Mix 95.7.

📷 TSM Grand Rapids

I can't thank Fish enough for helping in the transition and thoroughly respect his decision. Between Covid, the Grand Rapids Riots, and the tragic loss of his friend and longtime partner Connie, I can certainly understand his desire for a fresh start.

📷 TSM Grand Rapids

I respect that Fish was upfront about his desires when I arrived, and he has helmed Mix 95.7 with professionalism and grace over the past ten months. We at Mix 95.7 are indebted to him for his years of service to the West Michigan community. We wish him the best as he takes some time off and moves forward.

📷 TSM Grand Rapids

Christine has performed spectacularly after permanently taking the co-host chair in January of 2021. I've enjoyed Christine and admired her talent on Mix 95.7 for years from afar, and I was privileged to work with her this year.

📷 TSM Grand Rapids

While Christine is a Michigan girl at heart, she felt that now would be the best time to start the next adventure in her life and move to Nashville. We thank Christine for all she has brought to Grand Rapids, and if the Mitten ever beckons her home, we would once again welcome her with open arms.

Speaking of the Mitten beckoning someone home, this morning, you heard our friend Big Joe on the show; he'll be taking over mornings on Mix 95.7 and is excited to be home. 

For those that wish to keep up with Fish & Christine, you can follow on their socials: 

Connie & Fish on Facebook & Christine on Instagram

Thank You Fish & Thank You Christine, may your next adventures be your best adventures. 

-Ken Evans, Brand Manager West Michigan's Mix 95.7

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" – Neale Donald Walsch



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