The popular burger chain Five Guys will soon have a few restaurants right here in West Michigan. It was already announced that a Five Guys would be opening up in Grandville, but the Grand Rapids Business Journal has reported that there will be two more West Michigan locations popping up in the next few months. 

One of the restaurants will be coming to Holland. It will be a new fixture in the Family Galleria on West Shore Drive. That store is tentatively set to open in late June.

In addition to the Holland location, Grand Rapids will be getting a Five Guys in the newly remodeled Centerpointe Mall. Five Guys are hoping that that location will be ready to open sometime in November.

There have been rumors swirling that a location would also be opening in East Grand Rapids (on Wealthy Street, next to Rite Aid), but those rumors are unsubstantiated, according the the Business Journal. Officials from both Five Guys and the City of East Grand Rapids have said that there is no plan to open a restaurant there at this time.