Dessert Wars is right around the corner! The annual event will be taking place Monday, February 22 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the Amway Grand Plaza's Ambassador Ballroom.

Based on feedback and suggestions from past attendees, we've made some changes to this year's event that are important to note.

  • Michael Mill/ThinkStock
    Michael Mill/ThinkStock

    Tickets Can Be Purchased in Advance

    In the past, tickets could only be purchased at the door. This year, we're selling tickets ahead of time online. Admission is just $10 and children younger than 9 years old are only $5! You can get your advance tickets here. Admission includes 15 sample tickets. A portion of the proceeds to benefit Kids’ Food Basket

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    No Boxes, Coolers, Bags, Etc. Will Be Allowed

    In years past, some attendees have brought boxes, bags, and even coolers with them to the event. Please note that this year, none of these items will be allowed into the Ambassador Ballroom.

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    No Desserts Will Be Allowed to Be Taken Out of the Ballroom

    Related to the above, attendees at this year's Dessert Wars will not be allowed to bring desserts out of the Ambassador Ballroom. This is to ensure that everyone who attends has a chance to sample as many of the desserts offered as possible.

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    Plates Will Be Provided to Attendees

    Don't worry about not being able to carry your desserts around with you. After getting suggestions from past attendees, everyone attending Dessert Wars 2016 will receive a plate courtesy of Bow Tie Dental.

  • Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock
    Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock

    More Water Stations Will Be Available

    Another suggestion from past attendees has been that we provide more water stations throughout the ballroom so everyone can stay hydrated and cleanse their palates throughout the event. Multiple water stations will be placed around the Ambassador Ballroom for your convenience.

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