By Emily Minott & Jennifer Schuurman

Courtesy of Gourmet International
Courtesy of Gourmet International

52nd and Patterson has a new neighbor - Gourmet International. We’ve yet to receive any cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood, but we do stock plenty of our own. Perhaps our new neighbors already know what’s what and are waiting for us to stop by with some?

Truthfully though, we didn’t move too far. We were just down the road on Broadmoor near 68th since back in the good ole '80s. After expanding our previous warehouse 4 times over the years, this move to a 125,000 warehouse is beyond a luxury. Just think of all the cookies!

Hmm. Somebody should bring someone cookies. We’ll sort that out. In the meantime, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve our very favorite coffee alongside Grand Rapids’ favorite desserts! And if desserts and coffee weren’t already exciting enough on their own, several of our gang here at Gourmet International participate in events throughout the year to benefit the Kid’s Food Basket, so when 95.7 came a callin', we were all kinds of excited to have the opportunity to be a Dessert Wars sponsor.

So, a warehouse full of cookies sounds like a total dream, right? But Gourmet International is so much more than that. We started as a small delicatessen more than 45 years ago when owners Horst and Erika immigrated to Michigan from Germany. They opened a retail store, Erika’s Delicatessen and Import Haus, to offer the local community an authentic taste of their homeland. It was a huge success and today we import and distribute thousands of specialty food SKUS (including chocolates, confections, the aforementioned cookies, and a wide variety of spreads, savories and beverages) across the entire United States.


Clearly we needed additional space to more efficiently stock and distribute our tasty treats, and clearly we need to be caffeinated to do so. Without fail, our coffee pots are always brewing with Dallmayr Promodo. (Side note: We caffeinate, ALL day, but Prodomo is available in decaf, as well as a less intense “naturmild” variety.)

Dallmayr is a family-run company from Germany. Given our roots, we’re pretty partial to it. It is headquartered in Munich and has a history that stretches back more than three hundred years. Dallmayr coffee is one of the leading consumer brands on the German food & drink market. That’s a lot of premium bean!

Dallmayr Prodomo is a top-quality blend of Arabica beans from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It has full caffeine content, but is refined to be free of irritants and bitterness. Get your mugs ready and hold onto your seats. It has an incredible aroma that will wow any coffee lover. It’s equal parts rich and smooth and best prepared when ground very fine. Although Prodomo is quite versatile, the traditional preparation (filter drip) is recommended.

Prodomo is described by Dallmayr as having a rounded and full-bodied flavor with a delicate aroma.  We couldn’t agree more, but please come visit our booth and see for yourself! If a coffee could be charming and debonair, this is it.  Prodomo is delicious both hot and cold. Pour a little sophistication and sass into your cup every morning, and prepare for some pep in your step.  Dallmayr is available for purchase at several local specialty retailers, including GB Russo & Son, Horrocks Market, Kingma’s Market, Mediterranean Island Foods, and Peters Gourmet Market.

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(Gourmet International is a distributor to retail and not intended for direct to consumer sale, however we are delighted to put you in touch with our products at one of our valued specialty food retailers.)

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