Just last week my credit card was put on hold because of a company-wide fraudulent concern!  I felt naked (and poor)!!

Of course, I was also on 'E' and needed to fill-up my car with gas.  What is a person to do without credit?  For me, I had to resort to cash while waiting for a new card to be issued.

In the case of a Florida scuba diver --- he swam across an old JC Penney credit card that had been missing for over 25 years!!

Funny thing is, he also knew the person it once belonged to ... his buddy, Jack Jacobs!!  What are the odds?  Anywho, the diver felt this was a hint that the two of them reunite and catch up on old times.  Word is, the credit card was lost in a town nowhere near an ocean. 

Wouldn't you love to know how it got there??  I guess we'll never know!  Click here for the full story.