Ever since I can remember, the "Food Pyramid" has been in place. It was the thing that you learned about in grade school that told you just how many foods from each food groups you should eat each day, and what foods belonged in that food group. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat, and that has been your dietary guide (if you used one) since as far back as you can remember. Well, the food pyramid has been thrown out the window.

What do we have to base our dietary choices off of and use to teach our children about nutrition now? MyPlate. Which is really more of a graph than anything else.

The visual reinforces that at least half of your meal should be fruits & vegetables, and half should be grains and proteins. The dairy part is much smaller, and the "fats and sugars" category that I remember being on the pyramid is completely gone.

I do think that the visual will help kids easier identify how their plate should look when putting it together. But, I also liked having the text that the food pyramid provided, stating how many servings you should have per day.

We'll see how this new method works out in the long run, I suppose. And you know that it will probably all change in a few years anyway.

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