At this point it's beginning to sound like a broken record, yet still important to follow up on events that are held annually in Michigan. This time the beloved Hudsonville Community Fair was canceled for the first time since starting annually since 1933. The progression of Michigan's Safe Start Plan had a lot to do with the ultimate decision made by those in charge of the fair:

The president of the Fair Board, Lonnie Vis, told Fox 17 that with all challenges facing large events, time just wasn't on their side:

It was a long process here ever since the original analysis back in March, about the pandemic and Coronavirus. We kept previewing with our carnival people, with the various grants and events, all of our participants volunteers. When we try to think of a week where we put 75,000 people in here, that's a lot of people to, to do that. We finally had to make the decision that, just for safety's sake, for medical safety's sake, for the people of our community, that we just needed to cancel the fair.

Realistically, Michigan would need to be in stage 6 of the Safe Start Plan to hold an event of that size, where as currently we're in Stage 4. To be able to hit that goal by August and to take a chance at planning an event, in the dark hypothetically, just isn't logical. This is one of a bunch of local fairs to close recently. Ottawa pulled out of it's fair this year, while Calhoun County is still moving forward with plans to keep their fair alive in 2020.

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