When you were young a small bag of fireworks from the grocery store was all it took to entertain you on Independence Day. Years later some guy your cousin knew would always have a Fourth of July party after his annual trip from West Michigan to Indiana for the "good" fireworks. It was fun, but you would always spend the next day counting both your blessings AND your fingers. Today we bring you five Fourth of July fireworks displays better than those fireworks that your Dad used to set off in the driveway and safer than those Fourth of July parties that what's-his-name used to have.



Grand Rapids

When it comes to fireworks, bigger is better. That's what Grand Rapids brings to the table on the Fourth of July. You'll find more people, more entertainment, more kids wearing glowing necklaces, and more fireworks! Fireworks start at approximately 10:30 pm downtown. Get there early.


Grandville has more than just fireworks on Independence Day. The parade starts at 11:00 am and it is very popular. If you have never been to the parade, don't forget your lawn chair. This is probably the longest Fourth of July parade in West Michigan. You'll also find a few less conventional events in Grandville. There's a pickleball exhibition from 2pm - 4pm, a skydiving exhibition at 4pm, and a Star Wars photo booth (you read that right) from 2pm - 5pm. After pickleball, skydiving, and a Star Wars photo booth did you really think Grandville's fireworks would be anything less than spectacular? Fireworks are at dark at the Middle School.

Grand Haven

There's something about fireworks by the water. Throw in Grand Haven's famous musical fountain and we have a winning combination. The fireworks start immediately after the musical fountain at dark. They will be set off from Waterfront Stadium, at the west end of Washington Avenue. Grand Haven's fireworks display is organized by the Grand Haven Jaycees.

Holland State Park

It's the best of both worlds on the Fourth of July at Holland State Park. You can watch the fireworks over the water, yet not have to worry about fighting traffic back home. You'll just head back to your campsite when you are done. The fireworks are shot off of the pier at dusk and you can watch from the beach. The fireworks are courtesy of the VanAndel family. It has been an Independence Day tradition for many years.
buckle1535, Flickr

East Grand Rapids

Want to see fireworks by the water without the long drive to Lake Michigan or the huge crowds by the Grand River downtown? Visit East Grand Rapids on the Fourth of July. Prime viewing areas include: John Collins Park, Wege Plaza, and the Middle School bleachers and hill area. 10,000 - 12,000 people are expected to attend. East Grand Rapids' fireworks are displayed over Reeds Lake. The show starts at 10:15 pm.