Freddie Combs once weighed 920 pounds. He has worked his tail off to lose 400 pounds, and he's not done. He is currently seated in a wheelchair, but he wants to be able to lose more weight and stand while singing on 'X Factor.' That's a big goal, but he has the talent to get far on this show.

On tonight's (Sept. 27) audition episode, Combs, 41, sang the melodramatic ballad 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and he made an often corny song sound sweet and emotional, and he infused it with richness and depth. His heavenly, cherubic voice had a honeyed tone like that of Susan Boyle, and he won us over -- all while sitting down.

Since he was seated due to his size, he used his hands to be expressive and to communicate while singing and it was an effective strategy. But he didn't need to use his body to entertain us, since his voice did it all.

We learned that Combs, a Southern gentleman, is a minister, but he is on disability due to his obesity. He almost died in 2009 but he is working on getting healthy.

The judges loved him, and not because they felt sorry for him or felt sympathy for him due to his condition.

Simon Cowell said that he envisioned Combs singing that very song while standing, and he believes that together, Combs and 'X Factor' can do more work to get him to stand and sing that song on the live stage. Going further on the show could help motivate him to continue dropping the weight.

We have faith in Combs, too!

He is off to boot camp with unanimous acceptance from Cowell and Co.