Have you ever looked at your Cheeto and thought "huh... this is an interesting shape?" DON'T EAT IT!

According to Uproxx, now through August 15th if you find a Cheeto that's accidentally shaped like something else you can submit it to the Cheetos Museum and win some big money!

The Museum will choose 10 weekly winners and each will be rewarded with $10,000! Eventually, a grand prize winner will be chosen & they'll get an additional $50,000! In the end, Frito-Lays will have given $150,000 in total prize money.

You can see what people have submitted in the community gallery so far. To upload your very own Cheetos masterpiece you can do it here. Keep in mind your Cheeto can look like anything or anyone. See creatively.

Check out some of the cool-shaped Cheetos in the museum. Maybe yours will soon be displayed!

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