A scary hour or so for neighbors in one Grand Rapids neighborhood as police worked to diffuse a potentially dangerous incident.

Wednesday morning, police in Kentwood and GRPD had a stand-off situation going on with a fugitive where GRPD ended-up bringing in their Special Response Team to help bring it to an end.

WOODTV reports that the suspect was a fugitive wanted in Kentwood wanted on charges of criminal sexual conduct and weapons from an earlier incident. GRPD’s Fugitive Task Force happened to see the suspect enter a house around 8:50 Wednesday morning in the Baxter neighborhood around Thomas Street SE near Dolbee Avenue. They tried to get the suspect to come out of the house and go with them, but the suspect refused.  WOODTV says that since the suspect was thought to be “armed and dangerous” they ended up calling in the Special Response Team, which is a SWAT team, as well as bringing in a negotiator as well. Because of the concern for safety, police also closed off streets around the house.

Police told WOODTV that the suspect ended up surrendering without incident just after 10 am and was taken to jail.  Information on the suspect, such as a name or description wasn’t given by police.


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