The first thing I do every morning when I log into Facebook here at the office is check to see whose birthday it is. Some days, it's no one's. Some days, it's my very closest friends. And some days I look at the name and accompanying photo and think, "who the heck is that?" And frankly, trying to figure out what to say to that person or whether you can just "like" their status thanking everyone for wishing them a happy birthday. I mean, you want to wish them a happy birthday, but how much effort should you put into it? 

Luckily for us, the comic geniuses Garfunkel and Oates have come along with a helpful video and catchy song all about saying happy birthday to all of our "loose acquaintances".

(Note: I sometimes use the notification that it's someone's birthday to help me thin out my Facebook friends because I'm a horrible person. "Oh! It's your birthday! I have no idea who you are... Unfriend!")